Chakra Workshop

Date: 11th of March 2023
Time: 3-6 pm CET

Price: 220 zl  (around 46 euro)

“Our life is a journey; a journey of ‘intention, attention & energy’, from a state of non-manifestation to that of full manifestation”

Manoj Kaimal, Founder of Manasa Yoga School.

During a 3 hour, online workshop you will learn about main chakras (energy centres), their philosophical meaning, their role in both, the energy and the physical body, but also the practical application of that knowledge into your everyday life. 

You will be able to find out how to turn your intentions/dreams into a state of full manifestation.

The workshop will have theoretical and practical parts, thus you will need a mat, comfortable clothes, printed notes (pdf will be sent before the workshop) and a pen.

My name is Kasia Gendis. I have started my yoga journey in 2001, with my teacher Manoj Kaimal, the founder of Manasa Yoga School in Kuala Lumpur. Since then I have been practising and teaching in Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland and now Spain. 

I teach live and online yoga classes , as well as run online workshops and yoga retreats in Spain.

I hope to see you soon


Mindfulness and Mental Resilience Coach
Manasa Yoga Teacher