Gratitude for the body

Are you ever grateful for your body?
Do you think about what it does for you daily? 
Do you wonder how it even functions?

Typically we do not think about it. 

We are often in a rushed routine, performing a lot of activities automatically with our head entangled in our thoughts, concerns, worries, plans, strategies etc.

On top of that, we demand for our body to keep up with us in perfect health, energy, strength as well as to be able to relax when we need it and the ability to lose weight sustainably right when we want it, without giving it proper conditions to achieve all that.

Usually we want fast results and quick fixes.

If we do not get it, we start blaming and shaming the body, restricting it of food, criticising it constantly, experiencing negative emotions towards it, not accepting it.

We go against its natural ways of functioning.

In that state, we also do not listen to the body and the signs it constantly gives us. We disconnect from it.

We are just about short term effects – like losing weight quickly with a restricting diet, having good skin without nursing it or relaxing only using stimulants, like alcohol – no matter what is the cost.

And the cost can be huge.

In that kind of environment, the body goes into chronic stress mode. It is dysregulated, tired, prone to getting sick, bloated, swollen, stiff, painful, inflamed (that creates a perfect ground for chronic diseases to develop), and holding on to weight. However, it still tries to do the best it can in these restricted conditions. It tries to keep us alive but it puts a lot of functions on the back burner, like digesting properly, regulating the metabolism or even getting pregnant and lots more.

So what could we do instead?

Love your body and accept it. That we know in our head but it is easier said than done.

That is why I would really love to suggest starting with wonderment towardsyour body. 

This is a yogic philosophy term I have learned from my teacher. In Sanscrit – Ascharya.

Be in the wonderment of your body!

Do you ever wonder what the body does for you all the time?

It breathes for you, makes sure your heart beats constantly, keeps the blood circulating, regulates your blood pressure, digests your food, detoxifies and so on. I am not even able to think or know all the functions it does for me right now. This is how wonderful it is. And we should connect to that. Be in a constant state of amazement about our body. It is an absolutely perfectly designed vehicle we get for our life on Earth. That is why we need to supply it with the perfect conditions for it to perform at its best.

The body will not thrive on over-stressing, restrictions, exhaustion, lack of sleep, lack of rest, processed food, skipping meals or not enough food.

What we can and should supply our body with is:

  • regular and nutritious meals (best seasonal and local)
  • clean water
  • proper breath
  • fresh air
  • adequate movement
  • tools for stress release
  • positive thoughts

That is the basicsyou need to do for your body to function at its best. 

It will make your hair and skin look beautiful, it will supply steady energy throughout the day without afternoon crushes, it will make you feel rested,  it will make you feel strong, it will have a perfect weight and it will be able to achieve whatever goal you set for it.

Are you ready to start supplying your body with the best you can give it so it can give back the best it can as well?