How to Build A Habit of Meditation Practice in 21 Days

23rd of January – 12th of February 2023

If you are looking for a change in your life that will bring you more 

MENTAL clarity, peace, integrity, patience, calmness, joy, ease, love OF life AnD MORE presence and appreciation of the beautiful experiences we are offered DAILY 
join us for a 21 day journey into your mind.  

Through various awareness practices we will work on increasing the quality of your everyday living.  

For 21 days we will be meeting daily for 10 min to practice together online.  

You will be introduced to Manasa Yoga mindfulness practices and shown how to use them during our daily sitting practice. You will also be shown how to use these practices off of the mat during real life situations that may be causing destress or that need more  awareness brought to them.

All the sessions will be recorded so if you won’t be able to join us live, you will be able to catch up anytime during the day.  

Throughout the Program you also will be able to ask and clarify any questions that might arise as well as interact with other participants in our FB group, that has been especially created for this Program.

Invest in the upgrade of your quality of life by offering yourself these 10 minutes of practice daily for only 21 days.  

This is believed to be a long enough period to set any new habit and make it sustainable. 

We will start on the 22nd of January (Day 0) with an Inauguration Session with practical information and then we will follow with a short practice every morning for the rest of the Program.

Mondays-Fridays at 7.00-7.10 am
Saturdays-Sundays at 9.00-.9.10 am

Price: 175 zl (around 37 USD)