Setting intentions

For most of us 2020 was a challenging time. 

We need to take a deep breath and exhale loooong…..

Sadly it seems like we are still in that same uncertainty and we can not change what is happening around us. But the good news is we can change the way we react to all that is coming at us daily. We can also chose to still focus on the positive things life brings us.

Setting intentions for small changes in our Life is very important not only in the New Year but anytime. 

And by intentions I do not mean goals. I mean that what really expresses the changes we desire to make in our life.

It could be any change in your life whether it is a new eating habit, more patience, more self love, more resilience to stress, losing weight, starting an exercise routine, better sleep. 

Whatever will bring a breath of fresh air for you.

What is that you really need to change in the New Year to support you??

Take a blank paper and just write it down!

For me it is very important to slow down and just be more present to the Life directly around me. 

We all need to live it right now! Give our daily actions more awareness.

Also as every year I will keep the intention of having balanced eating and lifestyle habits support me throughout the year. 

Lets turn more within to get more grounded and resilient. Whatever we set out will ensure the change we desire can be manifested into our lives. 

If you would like to explore more the idea of intention setting check out my practice on IGTV taking you through different aspects of your Life and setting intentions in each one of them.

I wish you all you have been asking for to manifest in this New Year.