Appreciating the moment

Most of us have really busy lives. Our daily routine is usually fully packed and it is hard for us to find time to chill. Am I right?

That is why Summer time is such an amazing time to slow down a bit, and maybe spend some time away to recharge our batteries.

But even if we can not escape town to a relaxing, peaceful and sunny place we can still enjoy more active time, barbecues with friends, bike excursions, and just being outside more, in a warmer weather.

And if in that chilled and relaxed environment we can find space in the mind to stop for a while and appreciate our blessings that is the best thing we can do for our well being’s lasting effect.

I can only speak for myself though and how taking a break, slowing down and appreciating simple moments, relationships, touch, warmth, laughter helped me refill my energy over and over again.

I believe that we do not give enough appreciation to what we already have in our lives, on daily basis.
We spend most of our time chasing things we do not have yet or complaining about things we don’t want, forgetting to just look around us.

Noticing what is, gives us an enormous power to tap into the present moment, appreciate it and from there step with much more ease into the stream of all abundance. And then everything in life just starts happening as we would desire it to be or even beyond what we ever dreamt of.

That is why it is so important to take breaks to rest, relax, reconnect with ourselves and with our close ones, appreciate what we have, and really enjoy the gifts of the moment. Summer is a perfect time for that.

How often do you take breaks to fill yourself up again?